Don’t Give Up on Your Goals

Success lessons I learned from my son

Donna Brown


Just because it seems impossible, doesn’t make it so! Photo by Razvan Chisu on Unsplash

My younger son just turned 31 this past year. He makes over three times more than I ever did and will soon be marrying a girl that I believe is his perfect mate. Here are some things that I learned from him about successfully achieving goals.

He is Friendly

First, JR (not his real name) has been amiable all his life. He learned how to make friends and influence people long before he ever read Carnegie’s book. I believe he chose the day he was born to a low-income single mother. He was born at home, and we didn’t have air conditioning, but even though the summer he was born was hot, he chose the coolest day that summer for his arrival into this world. He may have started at the bottom, but he never let it be an excuse to stay there.

He has Always had Goals

He had goals from the time that he was very young. When he was three, he wanted to go to college and live in a big city. He even wrote a book that won a price when he was in grade school about moving to the city. He’s done both. He has a master’s degree and has lived in the Washington DC area. He knew that he wanted to make a lot more money than I ever did, so he set about making a good life for himself.

Prioritizes His Accomplishments and Self-Rewards

He always did what he knew he had to do to get what he wanted. He wanted good grades, so he did his homework. He wanted to be in his mother’s good graces, so he did the chores I assigned to him. (If he wasn’t born at home, I swear he would have been switched at birth. He would then go play because that’s what kids do. He always prioritizes what he is going to do but allows him time to enjoy his accomplishments before moving on to new goals.

He Doesn’t Give Up

His goals weren’t all that easy for him to accomplish. He lived in a small town where a good education wasn’t a priority to that school district, and even though he graduated third in his class, (behind twins whose parents were lawyers), getting his college education was difficult. He had to work fulltime, and wages weren’t that great. He had a chance to go to China to work, and he took the…



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