A three step process to getting enough followers to join the Medium Partner’s Program.

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I have seen numerous posts from new writers on Medium are concerned because they don’t have 100 followers. If they are unable to get 100 followers in a certain time frame, they won’t remain part of the Partners Program.

I am here to try to help you out. I started…

Grandpa’s Ride

Back in the nineteen-teens, before Dad was born, Grandpa was driving his cows from the pasture to the barn for milking. Because his pasture was across the road from the barn, he had to cross the dirt road at the front of his property several times. He unlatched…

Another way to handle what happened before Chapter One

Out of focus tree in center of the desert

In my story To Prologue or Not Prologue, I shared my thoughts not only on whether to include a prologue or not, but I shared what background material should and should not be included in a prologue. …

Why are you living paycheck to paycheck? You can break the cycle by doing what your grandparents did

House with two dormers and a long porch with ivy growing on it

We’ve reached the point where we are living beyond our means. It is so easy to go into credit card debt with its high-interest rates. The fact that we have those high-interest rates and high interest prevents us from getting out of debt. Overall, Americans owe $807 billion across almost…

Donna Brown

Author of The Locket Saga, a fictional American Historical Family, gardener, homesteader, chicken farmer, teacher.

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